Current Trends

Google Glass

Glass is an augmented reality head-mounted display, allowing hands-free access to the web. The product resembles normal eyeglasses where the lens is replaced by a small electronic screen. It provides interaction via natural language voice commands, as well as eye-tracking technology. A miniature gyroscope can tell the user's position and orientation at all times. On the side frame is audio output, and a touch control pad, while on top is a button for recording photos and videos with a built-in camera. It is available to developers by 2013 and for the general public by 2014. The design allows for integration of the display into people's day-to-day eyewear. Read more...

Smart watches are the latest must-have gadget

Worldwide, the market for smart watches has grown from 500,000 in 2013, to over 5 million by the end of 2014. These devices – which function as wearable computers – are the most important new product category in consumer electronics since the iPad.
Apple, Google, Microsoft and Samsung are among the firms launching a variety of stylish, hi-tech watches, incorporating a myriad of new hardware and software features to boost their appeal to consumers. Among the most popular uses are in health and wellness monitoring, sports and fitness. The market for traditional watches is being disrupted by the added functionality of this new generation.

Smart Tablet Control

Smart phones and tablet PC’s are all the rage in high tech gadgetry. With thousands of apps available on the most popular platforms, users can access news, sports, social media, games, productivity apps and smart home control. It’s never been easier to stay in touch with the world and your home.

Energy monitoring for small businesses and homeowners

There are three broad categories of wireless energy monitoring devices that are available for small businesses and homeowners in South Africa: Display only monitors, Display monitors with download option via USB, and, Display monitors with a downloadable option via the internet..

The New Apple TV

The new Apple TV with 1080p HD gives you access to the best content — films, live sport, your music and photos and more — on your widescreen TV. With AirPlay, you can play video, show off photos and enjoy music from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch on your TV.* The new Apple TV with 1080p HD gives you the best entertainment on your widescreen TV. Choose from an amazing selection of current and classic films on iTunes — many in amazing 1080p HD. Watch live sport in HD. Access content from YouTube, Video and more. Read more...

AirPlay Devices

For many years, the music, videos, and photos stored in our iTunes libraries and on our computers were stuck on those devices (barring complex file-sharing arrangements). For Apple products, that's all changed with the advent of AirPlay (formerly known as AirTunes), which allows you to stream all kinds of content from your computer or iOS device to other computers, speakers, and even TVs via Wi-Fi.
It's a pretty neat, and pretty powerful, technology that's only going to get more useful as more products support it. Read more...